Coupon Secrets

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Hey Course Champs! here with another tip for you amazing teachers.

So you have your course up on Udemy. The next step is to get reviews and engagement in your course. The more reviews you have the more Udemy will promote your course. If you're just starting out, look to get to the milestone of 30 reviews as fast as possible. At that point, Udemy starts to really promote you and the millions of Udemy students can more easily find your offerings.

You probably have already reached out to friends and relatives and while that's smart it may not bring you the 30+ reviews you need to get traction.

I have a secret strategy for getting quick reviews. Here's how to implement this strategy.

First, go to your course on Udemy. Set up a free coupon for your course and set the quantity to 10,000. Now, you might be saying, “I put this course up so I could make money. Why should I give it away now?” There are lots of people who will willingly buy your course but they first need to find your course in the crowded marketplace of online courses on Udemy. By having reviews and engagement on your course Udemy will give you a helping hand to find you paying customers.

Once you have set up your coupon you can copy the direct link. Then go out to Udemy coupon web sites and add your coupon. These sites get millions of visitors and send them to Udemy.

There are sites like:


Scroll around on each site until you find the “contact us” button or the “add coupon” button to contact the sites about adding your coupon. And you're done. You are on your way to getting reviews and engagement and having more and more people find your course.

Also, join Facebook Groups such as:

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