Executing It!

Are you confused about the tools and hardware required?

How to publish High-Quality Videos, Creating Resources for your module?

Do you have problems creating a proper work-recording environment?

In the last post, I shared some awesome techniques for content management, how to create the perfect plan and routine for your online courses business.

In this post, I share how to do execute your plan perfectly into perfect content.

“ Planning without action is futile, action without planning is Fatal " - Cornelius Fichtner

I will teach you what minimum and cheapest yet best tools and hardware is required for the job at sight here. What you will need to take care of before starting recording - your work environment, your script, your ideas, teleprompted needed?

And Finally, We will hit the Record button and learn some cool hacks to avoid making mistakes so that we waste no time in editing videos. If you follow my work, you know I hate editing and animation and all those stuff because it gives us a false sense of satisfaction. People watch for your content and value and not how animated or fancy your video is. Hollywood is there for all that. We are providing a solution to their problem.

I always suggest uploading the video in ONE GO. ( small edits are acceptable initially, you will improve as you keep making videos)

In the end, I teach how to wrap up the recording, how to export with perfect settings, upload, and backup perfectly. I have seen people go mad after they lose all their content by not doing these. Imagine years of work GONE! I don't know about you, but it made me lose my sleep for a few days.

To make sure you don’t make the same mistakes as I made, I share my backup routine methods, basics but necessary.

The following video is a part of my 8-week transformation course, which takes novice instructors to 6-figure instructors by helping them set up affordable marketing systems, sales processes and content mgmt. systems for their business. I am so assured of the 8-week transformation that I offer 90-days Money-Back Guarantee. No Questions Asked.

I am assured this will change the way you plan and create content. And, once you include this in your routine and take steps on it relentlessly.

I have met very passionate people but not everybody has resources/confidence/clarity to invest in their business initially, I find them very passionate about their skills and I really think they will make the world a better place and help tons of people if they have these basics skill-sets and knowledge for creating courses. If this is YOU, Listen don’t kill your dreams yet. Follow my advice and create content at least. If the market loves your work, It will give you money even you don't have anything to spend on marketing with me right now.

I guarantee you, you will double your current Udemy income in 3 months without spending a dime on marketing or hiring me.

Watch this Youtube Video Now:

Remember, there is nothing like fate or bad luck in men's lives. Whatever comes to us, good or bad, is usually the result of our own action or lack of action. We are not our thoughts or desires, we are the work we put out there in the world. The more you work, the more products you create. The more you are able to sell, the more you get paid.

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